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Nama saya reny. Saya kena wasir dari tahun 2012. Usia saya skrg 28thn. Dlu nya sy tdk perduli dgn awal gejala yg sy alami. Krn wasir sy wasir internal. Tdk ada rasa sakit. Lambat laun wasir sy brtmb... detail

miya sovina
Saya mengalami bab yang keras sekali pada saat hamil, sampai suatu saat mengalami sakit yang luar biasa. Setelah melahirkan walaupun bab saya sudah tidak keras, tetap saja saya merasakan sakit. Awalny... detail

Joko Haryanto
Terima kasih berkat pengobatan dari pak Gunawan, keluhan wasir saya sudah berkurang dan sembuh. Mohon di kirimkan photo ke email berikut sebagaimana pembicaran terdahulu. Terima kasih atas bantuan pen... detail

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Artikel Gambar 2011 -2012 English) » Teen Girls

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Teen Girls

Teen Girls : Mean Girls, Cyberbullying, Dating, Periods & More

Mean Girl

She's pretty, popular, and totally vicious. To claw her way to the top, she'll take down anyone, including you. Her weapons of choice? Rumors, name calling, and general nastiness.

What to do: Don't get even, get help. Bullying can harm your emotional health. Talk to a principal or parent. Surround yourself with real friends. And never let a putdown harm your self-image.


Busting Out

Suddenly all the guys at school are staring, and not at your face. Every girl gets breasts, just not at the same time or in the same size. Developing early makes you the center of attention.

What to do: You need support, and a well-fitted bra is the place to get it. Avoid tight shirts and tank tops. A wrap or button-down shields you from prying eyes.


Embarrassed Online

Someone's posted the name of the guy you like on your Facebook page, along with a list of all the things you've supposedly done with him. Half of your school has probably seen it. You're humiliated.

What to do: Narrow your online social circle. Limit your Facebook page to trusted friends only. Change your privacy setting so only they can see or post on your page. If kids from school are harassing you online, block them and tell your parents and principal.


Too Terrified to Talk

Your teacher just asked a question, and she's scanning the room for an answer. Your heart is beating like crazy. You want to sink down in your seat and hide.

What to do: A lot of people are afraid to talk in public. Before your fear affects your grades, get help. School speech teachers and groups like Toastmasters teach public speaking. Or talk about your fears with a therapist who can help you work through them.


I Hate My Nose!

It's big or it's bumpy, and you feel like people are always staring at the center of your face. You hate your nose. You want a nose job.

What to do: Surgery can change your nose, but it has risks. Even after surgery your nose can change shape over time. Darker foundation on each side may help it look smaller. But instead of trying to redo your face, why not learn to love the nose you've got? It probably fits you better than you think!


Left Out

Cheerleaders, jocks, Goths, artsy kids. Everyone at your school is in some kind of clique except you. You're stuck on the outside.

What to do: Who needs cliques? Make your own group of friends who are into the same things as you. Real friends won't shut you out because you're not popular enough or you don't wear the right clothes. They'll want to hang out with you just for who you are.


Cyber Romance Realities

You've been chatting with this guy online. He seems nice, and he's really into you. Now he wants to meet in person. Should you go?

What to do: It's OK to have cyberfriends, just keep them in cyberspace. Never give out personal information (like your address, phone number, or real name) or agree to meet anyone face to face.


Not That Into Him

Your boyfriend said the "L" word, but you're not feeling it. He's a great guy --you're just not that into him. How do you break up without breaking his heart?

What to do: Breaking up is always hard. So let him down easy and with the same courtesy you'd want if the feelings were reversed. And do it face-to-face. Texting or emailing a breakup is definitely NOT cool.


Period Problems

You're walking to class when your friend whispers there's a bright red streak down the back of your pants. You've gotten your period in the middle of school! Your face is as red as that stain on your pants.

What to do: Untuck your shirt or tie a jacket around your waist to hide the stain and head for the nurse's office. From now on, stock your locker with an extra pair of pants and some pads or tampons in case your period sneaks up on you again.


Bad Breath

You've just finished talking to the cutest guy in your class when your best friend informs you that your breath stinks!

What to do: If your mouth often smells funky, you might not be brushing and flossing well enough. Or it could be the onions or garlic at lunch. Brush twice a day, including your tongue. Try mints or sugarless gum. Test by licking the back of your hand and taking a whiff after it dries. If nothing helps, see your doctor or dentist.


Baby Talk

You're in high school, yet your parents still act like you're 3 years old. They always remind you to "zip your jacket!" and "drink your milk!" right in front of your friends.

What to do: If you want your parents to treat you more like an adult, act like one. Show them how responsible you are by helping out around the house, keeping up with your grades, and maybe even getting a part-time job.


Black Mood

Your friends are going out, but all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. You're always in a bad mood. Nothing makes you happy -- not school, not sports, not even your friends.

What to do: If you've been sad for two weeks or more, you could be depressed. Ask your parents to take you to a therapist, who can help sort out what's going on. Talking about your feelings could help you feel a lot better.

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